The story began in 1997 when an accounting firm National Business & Accounting Consultants Corporation was exploring processing payroll for its own clients. Since then, CustomPay Inc has established itself as a reliable and flexible payroll provider that understands the needs of domestic and international small and mid-sized businesses.

Technology has transformed from a dos-based system to a comprehensive online platform used by over 100,000 small and midsize businesses every month.

CustomPay today accommodates companies that want to have full control of payroll administration and want to outsource electronic processing and tax payment.

CustomPay would also provide a full custom-tailored payroll service with some HR functions for companies that like to delegate that responsibility.


What We Do

We process payments to

  • —  U.S. employees
  • —  U.S. independent contractors
  • —  foreign workers
  • —  foreign officers/company owners

We could do it with direct deposits-Pay cards-Paychecks

After that, we diligently process tax payments and tax filings

We are relied on employee benefits design and other HR services

Around the clock we provide DIY online payroll management and Employee portal

Specialty areas

  • —  Automated collection of W-8/W-9
  • —  Filing of forms 1042
  • —  Certified payroll
  • —  Employee benefits administration